Nodar Social Composition

village of Nodar
Nodar, Portugal

In collaboration with:
Villagers of Nodar, Portugal

Nodar Social Composition

2007, performance, commissioned by Binauralmedia, Nodar, Portugal

Raised in big cities, I have always been wondering how our ways of thinking / feeling getting affected by our relationship with sounds in environments we live within. It had become a main focus of my study: creation of environments and circumstances where sound being one element. Sound is inseparable from its surroundings.

The same sound will be perceived completely differently if it were placed in a different situation. How people reacts to sounds? Those who brought up in an apartment facing with busy traffic, would register certain sounds in the same manner as those who brought up in a quiet village? Can the sound of a big truck passing with rattling beer bottles, be someone’s comfort?

With this project, I am aiming to experiment with non-language communications involving with symbols (codes) and sounds in order to create a social / collective action as musical composition. I am hoping that it would enable me to encounter with people in Nodar with different language and culture background, to build (an) alternative mean(s) of communication.

The "Nodar Social Composition" was made with setting up a small miniFM hub on the Binaural residency building. And collecting sounds from the village of Nodar. Participants from the village was invited to hold and play back the fragments of sounds from everyday life with portable radios and walk through the village as far as the miniFM can reach. On the ambiguous boundary of the sound reach, the radio gradually loses broadcasted sounds. Replayed familiar sounds occasionally surprised people who are playing it back and/or sprouted new conversations.

The video was captured by binauralmedia. It was only available in this low resolution format.

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