Experimental Intermedia, Cyberfest (St. Petersburg, Russia), The Emily Harvey Foundation
various, various, various
2009 - Present
Installation / Performance

In collaboration with:
Katherine Liberovskaya


2009~current, install-action audio/visual work, on-going

premiered at Experimental Intermedia, NYC (2009), funded by Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec 

LandFilles was performed and installed in versions as follows;

"LandFilles_ComPact" at Devotion Gallery, NYC (2010)

"LandFilles_600Bottles" at Cyberfest, St. Petersburg, Russia (2010)

"LandFilles_UrbanDump" at The Emily Harvey Foundation, NYC (2013) 

An installation with live processes // A collaborative concept by Keiko Uenishi (o.blaat) and Katherine Liberovskaya // live sound: Keiko Uenishi // video environment and live video: Katherine Liberovskaya // sculptural structures: Uenishi & Liberovskaya 

LandFilles is a public participatory "install-action" project by Keiko Uenishi (U.S./Japan) and Katherine Liberovskaya (Canada/U.S.), with observations of the recycling feedback system in the city and upcycling movement in mind. It is a durational installation-performance that is conceived to take place over a period of several days.

The first phase: Collection & Construction

  • Collection of empty clear plastic bottles (by donations from visitors and collection tours through sidewalks and curbs.) 
  • Construction of a structure/environment from recycled materials (transparent plastic bottles.) 

The second phase: Live processes / Performance

  • Assembled with help from visitors, the resulting structure becomes, in the third phase, an "instrument" serving as basis for multi-channel/projection audiovisual performances with live processes.
  • Uenishi interacts with the environment of accumulated waste through audio-feedback, deriving sounds from the hollows and shapes as if reading through the temporal geography, whilst Liberovskaya uses surveillance cameras, analog monitors and projectors to interact through video-feedback.

The third phase: Demolition + Give-away

  • After the third phase is completed, the structures made out of the re(up)cycled bottles will be torn down and given away to all of you!

For documentation of this piece on-line please visit:


Video - 1 <-- excerpt of performance at Experimental Intermedia, NYC 2009

Video - 2 <-- excerpt of construction phase + performance at Cyberfest, St. Petersburg, Russia 2010

Video - 3 <-- excerpt of construction/performance/demolition at Emily Harvey Foundation, NYC 2013