Brooklyn, New York, United States
2011 - Present

In collaboration with:
Melissa Lockwood, Ana Santos


performance in long-duration (5 hrs for the initial launch) with simultaneous multiple actions with various material/media that would result an aural-visual-structural performance. It is a collaborative project with Melissa Lockwood and Ana Santos. It was premiered at Roulette (NYC) in 2011 as a part of JOHN CAGE: MUSICIRCUS program.
Pasting below from a part of email we exchanged to prepare for the piece:


I'm sharing what Melissa sent me. Can you also bring the duct tape? - that you initially said? I think it's fine to use a roll of that tape. 
I'm still building my list. (Had a long night typing the ridiculous mailing list... so just getting up.)
Can you pack the hand saw & hammer as well? I'll also bring the saw & hammer - as it might be good sometime more than one person hammering/sewing at the same time.
Oh.. and do you also have screws & nails for drill/hammer? 
My list would be...
1. Mackie mixer
2. power strip 
3. hair dryer
4. shaver (have to check w/ boys)
5. electric face cleaner
6. electric toothbrush (I'll have to get it today)
7. hammer
8. hand saw
9. wireless mic set
10. dust masks (I may have to get them today)
I'll dig up more & add.
As for fruits & food stuff, I'm planning to bring tomorrow. Shall I get an ice box from k-mart??? or it'll be ok w/o?

On Fri, Jun 3, 2011 at 12:04 PM, Melissa Lockwood <...> wrote:
1. Palm Sander
2. Pop corn popper
3. Toaster
4. Blender
5. Lemon juicer
6. Butter knife
7. Napkin (fabric)
8. Extension cord
9. Power stripe
10. Hello Kitty sewing Machine
11. Drill
12. Thread
13. Pop corn
14. Hugh piece shiney green fabric
15. Safety goggles
16. Set of 10 contact mics
Can pack:
17. Hammer
18. Hand saw
Anything I forgot? 
I will shoot to arrive when you do if that is a good idea.   
:) Melissa


ana's list including some portuguese needing to be translated. but i figured them out;) - below.

On Thu, Jun 2, 2011 at 8:29 PM, Ana Santos <...> wrote:
Hello Ladies performers,
Here is my list of things to use during the performance:
1-Hand saw
3-wood plate
4-diferent kinds of paper
this is 'fan' - right? electric fan?? i think? wait. it's in #7. then, is it a different kind? another translation is 'blower' - that's practically the same thing as fan. 
6-golden leaf
7 - Fan
8 - peanuts
9 - Fava Beans
7- balsa wood
im thinking of  making  some   objects with the tools that you might also explore during the performance. 
Keiko, i should meet with you at eldert and take some things from there to roulette  right? what time should we do that?



On Fri, Jun 3, 2011 at 1:10 PM, Melissa Lockwood <...> wrote:

Oh i was fixing the drill, the one I'm bringing is heavy duty and I repaired the Cord..
It is old fashion and a real construction "screw gun" it's red and silver.. 
It all so far fits in the little cart!
I packed screws will get a box of 99 cent store nails.. I think lemons for lemonade don't need cooler but this reminds me of drinking cups!! and ice if the space has a refridge we can use s bowl to have ice with us..  I have s small light weight table will we need one?