Selected Projects: Concerts, Installations, And Performances

 2013 LandFilles (w/ Katherine Liberovskaya – visual) –Installation build-up and performances at The Emily Harvey Foundation, NYC

 2012 CDL (found objects version) at Eastern Bloc, Montréal, Canada

 2012 Swanee (Slide Whistle) Orchestra (59 participants played a score for the toy slide whistles) at Adachi Fish Market as a part of John Cage’s MUSICIRCUS, directed by Tomomi Adachi

 2012 Duo with trorez and Trio with Tetsuro Yasunaga + Keiichi Sugimoto at gift_lab, Tokyo

 2012 Duo with Kazutoki Umezu

 2012 CDL at Kunstverein Augsburg, Augsburg, Germany

 2012 CDL (lecture & performance) at Generalpublic, Berlin, Germany

 2012 CDL at Galerie Mario Mazzoli, Berlin, Germany

 2012 CDL at rhiz, Vienna, Austria

 2012 CDL (room-sized graphic score version) at Eyebeam Art+Technology Center, NYC2011 Artist-in-residency for “Defined by _____” curated by Lab Binaer as a part of “City of Peace” in Augsburg, Germany, in association with FIFA Women’s Soccer Championship 2011

2011 Festival “Paivascape” 2011, Rio Paiva, Portugal, a sound installation with 50 radios and 10 modified FM transmitters.

2010 LandFilles @CyberFest, St. Petersburg, Russia – audio-visual install-action project w/ Katherine Liberovskaya

2010 Artist-in-residency to build a community interactive sound environment for Paivascape Festival 2011 along side Rio Paiva, Portugal, with, funded by Meet The Composer/Global Connections grant.

2010 Screen Play (music score by Christian Marclay) @Whitney Museum of American Art, NYC. – interpretation performance of video-score, in collaboration with Zeena Parkins and Anthony Coleman

2010 Car décalé (légèrement) @Electric-Eclectics Festival, Meaford, Ontario, Canada – performance/concert interpreting outdoor space through aural attributes utilizing audio-feedback

2010 Sixty-Four Bells and a Bow (music score by Christian Marclay) @Whitney Museum of American Art, NYC. – interpretation performance of objects-score

2010 BroadwayDreams grids (for Dead Fingers Talk: Williams Burroughs exhibition) @IMT Gallery, London, U.K. – 16-in-1 video grids in loop

2010 LandFilles (dis)-Play @Devotion Gallery, Brooklyn, NY. – audio-visual install-action project w/ Katherine Liberovskaya

2009 Memorial for Merce @Park Avenue Armory, NYC - Music for Merce Cunningham Dance Company w/ John King, Andrew Culver, Richard Teitelbaum, Miguel Frasconi

2009 Shifting Blanks, in the program “10ms (10th year anniversary of Microsound)” @Diapason Gallery – 12ch installation for iPods

2009 LandFilles (dis)-Play, premiered @Experimental Intermedia, NYC. – audio-visual install-action project w/ Katherine Liberovskaya

2009 SOUNDLEAK: TheROOM, in the program “What You Really Need” with funding from Linz 2009 Kulturhauptstadt Europas, @Medien Kultur Haus, Wels, Austria – solo installation

2008 Music for Merce Cunningham Dance Company @DIA:Beacon, Beacon, NY. w/ Takehisa Kosugi, Curtis Bahn, Alex Waterman

2008 Solo concert in Seven Concerts series @The Tank, NYC

2008 Broadwaydreams (on-going open collaborative “blink media documentation”), featured at Conflux 2008 Festival, NYC

2007 Atlantic Waves Festival 2007 @ICA London, U.K.

2007 Artist-in-residency in a rural village, Nodar, Portugal, with

2007 Accompanists concert, curated by Christian Marclay @ICA Philadelphia, PA

2007 Budapest @Ultrahang Festival, Budapest, Hungary – provided workshops, discussions, and an event for multimedia artists, as a host member of ‘Share’ – (w/ host members of Share.NYC)

2007 Berlin2 @Club Transmediale, Berlin, Germany – provided an open forum for multimedia artists, as a host member of ‘Share’ (with host members of Share.NYC, Share.Montreal, Creative Commons, and

2006 OSC//8 at TDLF festival, Geneve, Switzerland, “moiré” & “Suds Dreams” – concert

2006 Interferenze 06, St. Martino/Napoli, Italy. “moiré” solo – concert

2006 Konfrontationen 06, Nickelsdorf, Austria, “moiré” solo – concert

2006 ZKM (University for Media Art and Design Karlsruhe-HfG) w/ Phillip Schulze – concert

2006 J’ai un secret merveilleux: Midas @Citysonic 06, Mons, Belgium – audio installation with 12 portable radios, wireless microphone, FM transmitter, computer to recreate actions of misinterpretations and spread of words

2006 Netmage 06, Bologna, Italy. w/ Katherine Liberovskaya (visual) – concert

2005 Suds Dreams @Experimental Intermedia, NYC – audio-visual performance/concert based on 24 hrs Laundromats in Bushwick area

2005 Can I order my eggplant? (berenjena) on streets in Bushwick, Brooklyn, NYC, a region-specific installation/live performance

2005 Tate Britain, London, UK . w/ Michael Schumacher, Brandon LaBelle, - concert

2005 Aboard: Fillip2 @Fortescue Avenue Gallery, London, U.K. – interactive installation with lights and sounds for a cargo container

2005 Der Blinde festival of Elias Canetti’s “Ear Witness: 50 Characters”, Kleylehof, Austria

2005 Fillip (concert version) in Prague Biennale @National Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic

2005 Across, commissioned by kunstradio/ORF, Vienna, Austria – composition/recording

2005 Duo w/ Nobukazu Takemura, in ‘Onkyo Marathon’, curated by Carl Stone @Japan Society, NYC

2005 Solo @Brooklyn College, Center for Computer Music, NYC – concert

2004 Che Shire @Chelsea Art Museum, for Harvestworks, in collaboration w/ Klaus Filip – presentation

2004 Solo/Duo/Trio with Ryuichi Sakamoto and Christina Wheeler @Soho Grand Hotel, NYC

2004 Object Trio w/ Miguel Frasconi and Ricardo Arias @Sculpture Center, NYC, curated by Anthony Huberman

2004 Solo performance in 30th Anniversary Celebration program @Museu Serralves, Porto, Portugal

2004 Tripple Duos w/ Klaus Filip and Boris Hauf, a networked composition in 3 cities (Vienna-Berlin-NYC) by Klaus Filip. (o.blaat was @The Kitchen, as a part of the program “Anyware”, a side-project by Share.NYC)

2004 Fillip (concert version) @Club Transmediale, Berlin, Germany

2004 @Club Transmediale, Berlin, Germany – constructed open ‘Plug-and-Play’ formula for Audio/Visual participants, as a host member of ‘Share’ (w/ Daniel Smith, Jeremy Schaller, Eric Redlinger, Ilan Katin)

2003 akademiekonzert 03, curated by Sebastian Giussani @Munich University, Germany

2003 SFEMF (San Francisco Electronic Music Festival) 2003, San Francisco, CA

2003 Fillip in Roulette’s Mixology Festival 2003, NYC @Performance Garage, NYC

2003 Lady From The Sea by Ibsen, directed by Ivan Talijancic/Wax Factory @Old American Can Factory, Brooklyn, NY – composition

2003 Collaboration w/ 242.pilots (Kurt Ralske, Lukas Lysakowski, HC Gilge) @Cornell University – concert

2003 Swiss Peaks Festival, NYC – curated by Christian Marclay, duo with Ralph Steinbrüchel

2003 @The Kitchen/Electronic Xtravaganza 2003 – as a host member of ‘Share’

2002 Phonotaktik Festival 2002, Vienna, Austria

2002 Fillip, commissioned by Vox Populi Gallery, PA – interactive light-audio composition

2002 Solo in Soundcheck series, curated by Debra Singer @Whitney Museum – concert

2002 coupier @The Kitchen/Electronic X-travaganza Festival 2002, in collaboration with Daniel Smith – sound movememt composition for two powerbooks and multi-channel sound system

2002 Music with plants for Peter Coffin’s installation “Perfect If On” @Andrew Kreps Gallery

2002 ‘Art Activsm+Technology in the Age of Corporate Globalism’, NYC

2001 audibleview, in collaboration with Leo Villareal (light design) @White Columns, NYC

2001 Lappatites with Kaffe Matthews, Ikue Mori, Zeena Parkins, Marina Rosenfeld @Tonic, NYC, the same members (except Parkins) went on to regidency @STEIM, Amsterdam; concert @The Kitchen, NYC – concert & recording as a member

2001 The Sheer Frost Orchestra 2001 by Marina Rosenfeld @Whitney Museum at Philip Morris – concert as a member

2001 sound project in “Songs of Love and Hate (side A)”, commissioned by Galarie Wieland, Berlin

Selected Curation

2003 NY-Bordeaux Festival in Bordeaux, France

2002 Music Festival for VinExpo Americas, co-curation w/ Alexandré Auche/Zoobizarre @Tonic, NYC

2001 [electroluxe] final @Tonic, NYC (Oct 16-17, 2001) w/ over 50 artists, incl. Arto Lindsay, Anne Wellmer, Jonathan Bepler, David Linton, Matthew Ostrowski, Benton Bainbridge, Atsushi Nishijima

2001 audibleview @White Columns, NYC, feat. Ikue Mori, Marina Rosenfeld, Erin McGonigle, Heimo Lattner, Gen Ken Montgomery, Phil Kline, Lary 7 – with a surround sound system design by Daniel Smith

2000 [electroluxe] feat. artists incl. DAT Politics, Ikue Mori, DJ Olive, Erik M, Christian Marclay, Aki Onda

2000 [electroluxe] feat. artists incl. Daniel Smith, Ikue Mori, Peter Rehberg, Marcus Schmicler

2000 [electroluxe] +radicalanxietytermination feat. artists incl. Brian Moran, Angie Eng, Zeena Parkins, Skuli Sverrisson, DJ Olive, Raz Mesinai, Toshio Kajiwara, Phil Kline, Fast Forward, Marina Rosenfeld

2000 [electroluxe] with students of Beaux-Arts de Bordeaux, France, feat. artists incl. Ikue Mori, Christian Marclay, Jarryd Lowder, Ken Montgomery, Lary 7, Gabrielle Latessa, Dennis Delzotto, L’Hopital Brut

1999 [electroluxe] feat. Ikue Mori, Jim O’Rourke, Peter Rehberg, DJ Olive, Raz Mesinai, Toshio Kajiwara

Selected Recordings

2008 Object Trio with Miguel Frasconi and Ricardo Arias (Public Eyesore label, NE, U.S.)

2007 Compilation – Atlantic Waves/The Wire tapper CD

2005 Essays on Radio: Can I have 2 minutes of your time? (compilation), Cronica 020

2004 Two Novels – Gaze/In the Cochlea, Cronica 012 (solo album w/ duets w/ various musicians)

2003 Meeting at Off-Site vol. 3 w/ Tetsuji Akiyama and Sachiko M (Improvised Music from Japan label, Tokyo, Japan)

1989-90 FOOTSTEPS by Christian Marclay (RecRec record, Zurich, Switzerland) – vinyl in cardboard box – credited for tap steps and various footsteps

Panel Speaker

2008 SCAD conference of new museology at Savanna College of Art and Design, GA

2007 ‘Share Global discussion’ @ClubTransmediale 2007, Berlin, Germany, and @MIT, Boston, MA

2006 ‘Social Music in collaborative Cultures’, as a co-host of SHARE @Futuresonic Festival, Manchester, U.K.

2006 ‘Autodidacticism in New Media Art’, curated by Mark Tribe @American Folk Art Museum, NYC

2005 ‘Symposium for Sound Art’, curated by John Phillips @University of the Arts, Philadelphia

Awards & Commissions

2008-11 Meet the Composer / Global Connections (for “Paiva Games: Sound Dams” in Portugal)

2009 Linz 2009 Kulturhauptstadt Europas (for “SOUNDLEAKS: TheROOM” in Wels, Austria)

2007 Binauralmedia, Nodar, Portugal (artist-in-residence)

2006-07 Brooklyn College, Center for Computer Music (artist-in-residence)

2004 Harvestworks Digital Media Arts Center (artist-in-residence)

2000-01 Van Lier Foundation/Harvestworks Digital Media Arts Center (fellowship grant)


LL.B (Bachelor of Law in International Law) from Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto, Japan

MS (Master of Science in Digital Media) from Polytechnic Institute of New York University

As of the late 2013, Uenishi has become a doctoral candidate at PhD in Practice, Akademie Bildenden Künste Wien (Academy of Fine Arts Vienna), Austria