River Paiva, Arouca/Espiun├ža, Portugal
Arouca, Portugal
2010 - 2011
Installation / Performance


2011, workshops, installations, composition, commissioned by Binauralmedia, Arouca/Espiunca, Portugal, made possible with funding from Meet The Composer and its Global Connections Program. Funding for Global Connections is provided by The Ford Foundation

• Borders – with residents including children from both sides of the Rio Paiva (River Paiva): starting from 84 km – 90 km point area towards the mouth of the Rio. Through the field-recording workshops, group of children from area villages collected sounds they are most familiar with. During the workshops, they crossed many ‘invisible borders’ either on continuous lands or over the river.

• Circulation/Flow Collected sounds from the 84 km – 90 km got re-circulated through battery-powered modified FM transmitters “ExiTrip” (collaboration with Ed Bear and Lea Bertucci) in the further river location (95 km – 101 km, for 84-90 km.) Each transmitter works as a point of new declaration of the new current/flow. • Union (Sound Dams) Adding the new sound files with the added results, another circulation (broadcasts) and a new game in the area, were held in the further (and final) location (106 km – 112 km.) Unlike the water dams, the “Sound Dams” increased its flow towards the mouth, with many ‘cross-communications’ as results from different parts of the river and the people living along it.

Born in Nagoya, raised in Osaka (used to be nicknamed as “Venecia of the East” with myriads of canals inside the merchant city, enabled it as the first ‘economically and politically independent city’ in the mid 16th through the mid-late 17th century), having moved in New York City as of 1987, my sense of flows, borders, and unions have been ever shifting and stimulated. The subjects of flow (links of communications), borders (stimulations of communications) and, unions (encounters, creation of energies, and conflicts) let me bring back to various aspects (historical, political, economical, social, cultural...) on canals and rivers. My area of interests is where ‘rivers/canals (water paths)’ would act as ‘metaphors’ in which complex individual and collective visions (including those which conflicts) will unfold, surface, and collide at the same time and enrich our communications. River Paiva has been a lifeline for many in Northern Portugal. Bringing awareness back to the river, making occasions to familiarize with the water and its close regions, may make people to connect each other, and further gather all efforts to create ‘invisible currents’.

short video from the final installation: