SoundDam is a game-like aural investigations through the 28 km scope of the region along Rio Paiva in Portugal utilizing FM transmissions. Through creating “Sound Dams”, I was researching conflicting positive/negative aspects regarding economical/environmental/social issues. Field recordings were in collaboration with numerous local children in ages 7-9. We roamed near/around the river and villages closeby. 

The "SoundDam" was created through Paivascape residency 2010 and its festival in 2011 in Nodar and municipality of Arouca, curated by

The FM transmission in SoundDam utilized and experimented with ExiTrip (by Ed Bear and Lea Bertucci) -

My participation in Paivascape residency 2010 and its festival 2011, was partially made possible by funding from Meet The Composer and its Global Connections Program. Funding for Global Connections is provided by The Ford Foundation.