Note: This one is a long version including the two whole sets from the performance phase and the part of the demolition/give-away phase during the final two days  of the 6 days project. It also shows snapshots taken during the first two phases: collection + construction. 
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An installation with live processes / durational performance 
by Keiko Uenishi & Katherine Liberovskaya
Live sound: Keiko Uenishi // video environment and live video: Katherine Liberovskaya // sculptural structures: Uenishi & Liberovskaya 
LandFilles is a public participatory "install-action" project by Keiko Uenishi (U.S./Japan) and Katherine Liberovskaya (Canada), with observations of the recycling feedback system in the city and upcycling movement in mind. It is a durational installation-performance that is conceived to take place over a period of several days.
LandFilles_UrbanDump was a project took place at Emily Harvey Foundation over six days between January 9th-14th, 2013 in the developmental phases as follows;
The first & second phases: Collection & Construction
• Collection of empty clear plastic bottles (by donations from visitors and collection tours through sidewalks and curbs.) 
• Construction of a structure/environment from recycled materials (transparent plastic bottles.) 
The third phase: Live processes / Performance
• Assembled with help from visitors, the resulting structure becomes, in the third phase, an "instrument" serving as basis for multi-channel/projection audiovisual performances with live processes. 
• Uenishi interacts with the environment of accumulated waste through audio-feedback, deriving sounds from the hollows and shapes as if reading through the temporal geography, whilst Liberovskaya uses surveillance cameras, analog monitors and projectors to interact through video-feedback.
The final phase: Demolition + Give-away
• After the third phase is completed, the structures made out of the re(up)cycled bottles will be torn down and given away to people.
Video documentation credits:
Set on Day 5 in the performance phase: Miah Artola
Set on Day 6 in the performance phase: Agustín Shang
Demolition + Give-away phase: Kenya Kawaguchi