Intervention - keikouen (Keiko Uenishi)

in collaboration with

Funny Farm Radio 89.1FM (Laura Kikauka/Algis Kizys/Carl Hamfelt) 

at Electric-Eclectics Festival 2018

During the dusk hours on August 5th at Electric-Eclectics 2018 festival, Meaford, ON, Canada, keikouen (Keiko Uenishi) had the "Intervention" in action. She asked Funny Farm Radio 89.1FM (Laura Kikauka/Algis Kizys/Carl Hamfelt) to air their broadcast on the PA system simultaneously. 

The video was made from a slideshow from photos (by noid, except the very first image) and the archive from Funny Farm Radio.

"Intervention" performance intervenes audience and workers of the festival by enacting temporary lines, borders, markings, demarcations and signs. The series of actions were done in an impromptu manner on purpose. All who were present ended up with becoming a part whether they liked or not and their (re)actions had become the part of the "Intervention".