Interpreting Marclay's "Sixty-Four Bells and a Bow" with CDL-method

I was invited to make a version of interpretations of Christian Marclay's objects score "Sixty-Four Bells and a Bow" for his exhibition "Festival" at Whitney in summer 2010. I spent 4 days to build my interpretation utilizing my CDL performance method. It is using Max/MSP and ppooll acts to create simple audio feedback concept. It reflects my positions & angles in _very_ unstable manner with Nintendo Wii controller. Bells and the exhibition room had become my instruments. Bow was used _not_ for scrubbing but lifting the edges of some bells to create series of smaller chambers (in comparison with the room and the open bells. (The bow part wasn't included in this video.) I may upload more video from other versions of this performance. This one is the first day/attempt (open-rehearsal.)